As the fall moving season is in full swing, John Gray Moving and Storage was happy to attend their first “IAM Annual Meeting”. As our business continues to grow it is vital to have relationships with quality movers not only in our own country and continent but worldwide.

The IAM Annual Meeting provides a great opportunity to better get to know our colleagues from the other side of the world, from the UK to India to Australia. Our sales manager, Chris Gray, represented John Gray Moving at this event in Chicago, Illinois from October 4-7 and took the time to set up meetings with some of the world’s largest providers of household goods moving.

As the global community draws together, we at John Gray Moving understand that those looking to move are not only looking down the street, to the next town or province over, but are looking for opportunities to expand their own lives worldwide, and we would like to be there to provide them with the best service possible.

Brizmud – Guatemala

Moving can be stressful and moving internationally brings its own challenges. Our expert coordinators will help to relieve that stress by providing any needed information and help with your relocation process. Whether you’re moving to Toronto or Taiwan, choose John Gray Moving to get your move done right.