Relocating with all that you own from one city to another is never a particularly enjoyable task. As such, proper planning is very important and this includes settling on the right time for the move. If you can manage to plan in advance, and enlist the services of a reputable moving company, then you should not have too much trouble executing the move, even if it is long distance. But with poor planning and a poor choice of moving company, it may all be one giant nightmare for you.

When it comes to the right time for the move, there isn’t really a good or bad time. There are a number of factors that may cause the move to occur unexpectedly, leaving you very little time to prepare. For instance, if you receive a job offer in a different city and you are required to relocate immediately, you may not have the privilege of waiting for the optimal time for you to move. You will need to scramble, and organize your move as quickly as possible.

But in instances when you have a lot of time as well as the flexibility to choose when to move, you may want to consider a number of factors such as the weather. Long distance moves may not be ideal during wet weather and due to this, if you have the pleasure of choosing, you can plan your move, so that you time it with spring, since at this time, it is relatively dry, and your move is at a lower risk of being interrupted by snowfall or rain. Just remember to check the weather forecast and avoid the busiest part of the season if possible; and if for whatever reason you can’t, and you are stuck moving during high season, make sure to book everything as soon as possible to avoid getting stuck without any available service, or worse – the leftover moving services that nobody wants to work with.

Again, it would be a good idea to avoid doing the long distance move during vacation and holiday periods. At this time, the roads are not only packed, but it is a peak time for moving companies, since many people prefer to move at such times, along with construction, which means more traffic going back and forth during each trip.