Long distance moving can be a real nightmare, especially the unanticipated expenses many individuals tend to incur in the process. But the good news is that with proper and prior planning, you can have the most amazing moving experience, despite the distance or the nature of items to be moved. Highlighted below are a few tips you can use to ensure that you save considerably when you need to haul your items over long distances:

Think about hiring a driver directly

Most Montreal long distance moving companies usually subcontract long distance jobs to drivers who in turn use their own moving crew to execute tasks. If you can work directly with such drivers who use their own trucks for the moving, you will save a substantial amount of the typical moving costs. This method definitely comes with certain risks such as lack of insurance, so for the more conservative individual, it may very well be worth paying a slight premium for turnkey service, but it is a good tip if you are a bargain hunter or a do-it-yourselfer, and wish to save some good money during the move.

Drive yourself if possible

There are also a good number of movers in Montreal who hire out their moving vans and trucks to clients who can do the driving. Therefore, if you are hands-on and good at handling larger vehicles, it may be fun to rent a truck and drive it on your own to your next destination. You will save a lot of money if this option seems viable to you, since you will only be concerned about the rental cost of the truck, which will be considerably low, compared to signing up for a complete moving package.

Get free moving boxes

A huge chunk of moving expenses is always spent on the packing materials. But with good planning and proper organization, you can start collecting suitable cardboard boxes in advance, and you can always get them for free from stores, especially grocery stores. Alternatively, you can ask for used moving boxes from moving companies and most will avail them to you without charging a dime, or you can ask friends and neighbors who moved recently to give you theirs.

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