One of the main challenges during moving exercises, whether long or short distance, is breakages, especially of fragile items. And the breakages do occur simply because the items were not packed properly. Even if you were using the best moving company in Montreal, poor packing of fragile items will always lead to lots of breakage and damaged goods. This is why good packing is imperative and here are some tips to help you pack fragile items like a champ:


Pack plates vertically in small to medium boxes. The packing boxes should be lined with crumpled paper, both at the top and the bottom. Each plate should be wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in the box.


Glasses should be wrapped individually in wrapping paper, then placed in small to medium packing boxes. The boxes should be lined with ample packing paper and all the spaces between the glasses should be layered. The heaviest glasses should go at the bottom of the glass while the lighter ones should be placed at the top.


Lamps and lamps shades should be isolated and placed in a box, containing a lot of small papers as protection. It can also be a good idea to place them in large but relatively well-fitted boxes with bubble wrap surrounding the item, and where necessary.

Picture frames

Picture frames should be packed in paper lined medium to small boxes. They should be placed in a standing position and the spaces between them, filled with crumpled papers.

Specialty items

If you have antiques and oddly shaped large fragile items, it is vital to consider their sizes and place them with adequate cushioning in relatively large boxes. The boxes should be large enough to take care of handles as well as legs, which might be protruding from the pieces. Bubble wrap is necessary for these, and they should also be secured properly using tape.