Moving in Montreal can be an expensive and painful affair if you don’t know what it entails to have a successful move. Other than choosing the right moving company, some people prefer to take as many of the necessary steps possible to ensure that they minimize their expenses during a move. Others prefer a more hands-off approach and should opt for a turnkey moving service.

Presented below are tried and tested approaches you can use to lower your cost of moving:

Find free packing boxes

If you want to move successfully in or around Montreal, Laval or the West Island, then it is imperative to get your packing spot on. But the cost of the packing materials can sometimes be high. The good news, however, is that you can avoid or lower this cost by using free packing materials. You can get very good packing boxes from places such as supermarkets, bookshops and liquor stores amongst others. Just be sure to start asking for them early to avoid any last minute inconveniences.

Consider parking on your own

Most of the moving companies in the West of Montreal will offer to help you pack your items safely, but this comes for a fee. You can always avoid this if you adopt a DIY approach, where you take your time to carefully pack all your items and wait for the company to come and help you with loading. With this approach, you will certainly lower the cost of the move.

Plan to move during the off season

The best times to move in West Island are the months between September and May. During these times, the rate tends to be the lowest and since business is slow to the mover in Montreal, you can always push them harder for a discount so that you pay even lower rates. But if you time your move for any other month, be sure that you will pay a lot and you may have to wait if you didn’t book early.