If you want to have a good moving experience, it is very important to choose a qualified and experienced moving company in Montreal. Vigilance is thus called on your part and you must do proper due diligence in establishing the suitability of the moving company to meet all your moving needs. During your research, be sure to ask the following questions to your potential Montreal moving company.

Are you a registered and insured company?

You should choose to work with duly registered and fully insured Montreal movers. The last thing you want to do is to hire a moving company that is not registered, and should there be any loss or damage to your items, they will not be held liable.

How long have you been in the Montreal moving business?

If the company has been in the moving business for a long time, they are more likely to have the experience needed to offer you a positive moving experience. If they are relatively new in the industry, their services may be a bit less consistent and less reliable, and may not result in a productive move.

What specific moving services do you offer?

Moving companies offer different moving services. For instance, some specialize in moving furniture, antiques, electronics, general household items, pianos etc. In addition, some movers specialize in local residential moves, others in business moves, while some are more experienced with long-distance moving. You should work with a Montreal moving company that offers the exact services you are looking for. They are the best suited because they are already experienced in carrying out moves similar to yours.

Do you offer packing services?

Some Montreal movers will offer packing and moving services as a package while others will offer them separately. If you are tired of dealing with all the packing and unpacking, your best bet would be to work with a Montreal moving company that offers both as a package; a turn-key solution.