Packing is part and parcel of every moving experience. If done in the right manner, you will guarantee the safe delivery of all your items to your new location, but if done wrong, you risk ending up with lots of damaged material. The big problem with packing is that the majority don’t know where to get quality materials. To that effect, here are some places you can find free packing materials that your moving company will not tell you about.

Office supply stores

The first place to check for free moving supplies is office supply stores in Montreal. Such stores usually have super strong boxes, which they normally end up discarding because once the supplies are delivered, there is nowhere to take the boxes and they are usually so big that storing them will end up taking up a lot of space.


Bookstores are the other places worth checking out if you want free packing supplies in Montreal. Bookstores ship large volumes of books in boxes that are thrown out, so you may get all the boxes you need for packing at your local bookstore. As a matter of fact, some Montreal movers depend on bookstores to get packing materials for their clients.

Bars and Restaurants

Liquor boxes are some of the strongest you will ever find. They have to be because they are used for transporting fragile glass bottles of alcohol. Whether you need to pack toiletries, clothes, electronics, kitchenware etc, you will never be disappointed with liquor boxes.

Home improvement stores

You can also get diverse packing supplies at home improvement stores in Montreal. Places such as Home Depot and Lowe will have a ton of boxes and all you have to do is to find the right person who can give you the “okay” to pick some up. You will have more than you will ever need, and can save money you would have otherwise paid your movers.