Moving Tips & Packaging Tips

John Gray Moving & Storage has packed and moved scores of loads over the years. We’re practiced, and we’re expert. Our professional crews can quickly and safely pack your entire household in a fraction of the time it would take you.

How to Mark Boxes

Go through your rooms, packing one room at a time. Mark each box with your name, the name of the room where the items were and a brief description of the items in the box. Mark boxes carrying items you’ll need right away “unpack ASAP.”


Wrap fragile items securely but loosely enough to provide cushioning during the move. When you pack these items in boxes, don’t overload the boxes – it can lead to breakage. Line the bottom of the box with crumpled packing material first. Pack glasses upside down and dishes on edge, filling any spaces with packing material. Mark these and any other appropriate boxes “Fragile.”

Use the Right Box

John Gray Moving & Storage sells boxes specifically designed for fragile items like lamp-shades, mirrors and framed photos. Purchase and use these special boxes for best results. Seal tops and edges of all boxes with tape.

Personal Computer

Packing your computer? It’s always best to place it in its original box with the packing materials that came with it. Otherwise, choose a large, strong box and put packing material in the spaces. Back up files and carry them with you. Be sure to leave an old disk in the drive, and pack your cords and cables in a separate, well-marked box – along with the manual. Packing materials should be static-free – do not use bubble-wrap or packing peanuts. Be sure the ink cartridge is removed from the printer.


Important Papers

You should never pack valuables and important papers like birth certificates and insurance policies.


You need to understand local laws before you transport them.

Flammables and Corrosives

Other items you should not pack are flammables or corrosive materials such as bleach – by law, we’re not allowed to carry them. Dispose of such items, which include paint, turpentine, gasoline or pressurized cans.


Medications and items with sentimental value, like photo albums or videos.